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Types of Dentures

Choose the Best New Denture for You

At Brookline Denture Center, we believe that every patient deserves to have a smile that looks and feels as natural as possible. We offer a variety of denture and partial denture treatments to allow you to choose a new prosthesis that delivers what you need the most – be it a better fit, faster service, or more affordable care. Our Boston facility is equipped to offer same day new dentures to fit your busy lifestyle.

Comfortable, Permanent Dentures

Each full mouth denture is designed with comfort, function, and aesthetics in mind. Brookline Denture Center’s permenant dentures offer a secure fit that feels comfortable all day long.

Removable Partial Dentures

If you still have several healthy teeth, but need to replace the ones that are no longer there, our partial dentures are an excellent choice. Partial dentures clasp into place around your adjacent, healthy teeth and are an affordable alternative to fixed bridges.

Fixed Implant Dentures

Do you want to make a lasting investment that will provide you with permanent dentures that stay fixed in place for years? Brookline Denture Center in Boston offers fixed implant dentures. These unique dentures offer a streamlined prosthesis that makes everyday things like eating or talking feel more natural. You’ll never have to worry about how your dentures fit, ever again!

The Brookline Denture Center Creation Process

Our customized dentures are made right here at our in-house laboratory by one of the nation’s leading master denture technicians. Not only does this improve the quality of our services, it also reduces the cost of care for our patients because we do not have to outsource to an off-site lab.

The denture creation process begins with a consultation with one of Brookline Dental Center’s dentists to discuss the type of denture that is best for your needs, as well as any other treatment you may need (such as removal of decayed or broken teeth.) An impression is taken of your mouth, which is then immediately brought into our laboratory where our master denture designers are able to begin crafting your custom prosthesis. Depending on the type of denture you choose, it may be made of full acrylic, added porcelain, or even an underlying metal base if more stability is needed. In most cases we are able to offer same day denture fabrication, restoring your smile faster than any other denture provider in Boston.

Still not sure about which denture is right for you?

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