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Denture Problems

Managing Denture Problems

Are you having trouble with your dentures? Afraid to laugh, smile or eat … because your dentures may fall out?  Are you in pain when you chew?  Don’t worry – we can fix your dentures!  Brookline Denture Center is Boston’s leading denture specialist. We’re here to help you no matter what challenges you are facing with your dentures.  YES, we can fix others mistakes.  We do it all the time!  So call us today, don’t suffer another minute.

When Your Dentures No Longer Fit

Excessive wear of our dentures, changes in our bone, or older prosthesis often present the challenge of causing the dentures to no longer fit properly. Your denture may feel as if it rocks back and forth, won’t stay in place, or even causes sore areas to develop. If this is the case, your denture most likely needs to be relined or replaced with a new denture. Brookline Denture Center provides both of these services and is happy to assist you with helping you by repairing your denture or providing you with a brand new denture in the very same day.

Sore Spots or Irritated Gum Tissue

Red, raw, sore spots can be caused by an improperly fitting denture, infection, or prolonged wear of your prosthesis. Unfortunately, it can also be caused by oral cancer. Brookline Denture Center dentists will perform an oral exam and cancer screening to put your mind at ease and help you determine the cause of your tissue irritation. If a faulty denture causes it, we offer same day repairs and replacement services. Within 2 weeks, most sore spots are completely healed – making it more comfortable for you to eat, talk, and wear your denture.

Our same day denture treatments can take on whatever challenges your smile is presenting to you. Call us today at 617-738-1232 to find out how we can help.